Nathalie Champion REALTOR


Purchasing a home can be a stressful experience, whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’ve been through the process before. But that’s one of the reasons that working with me is so worthwhile. With my guidance, buying a home should be enjoyable, rather than stressful. Here are some of the more unique circumstances where I can make your life much easier.

Out-of-town buyers: If you’re looking for vacation homes or moving to a job in a new city, there’s a good chance that viewing homes will be difficult—you could be a long drive or even a plane ride away. With today’s video messaging apps like WhatsApp, Zoom, or Facetime, I can walk you through a property virtually. It’s not the same as walking through in person, but it will at least give you an idea about whether a property is worth pursuing further.

When life is just too crazy: If you’re just getting too busy with everything else going on in your life, a good buyer’s agent should be able to recognize the situation and help you take a step back. I’ll suggest that you take a few days off from your home search to recharge, or only focus on properties that exactly fit your wants list.

Inspection issues: You’re dreaming about move-in day, and then some unforeseen issues turn up during inspection. A I can work out those issues by negotiating a lower offer—to cover costs of repairs—or by getting the seller to fix the problem. Or, a seller credit to cover closing costs is often a reasonable option as the seller is often just as excited to close as you are.

Want to work with an agent who sincerely wants what is best for you, who takes her role as your fiduciary seriously, and who will help and support you every step of the way, to closing and beyond? Give me a call, and let’s get started!